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Chaddick Dance Theater is a participatory group of dancers who have come together to express common life experience through modern dance and dramatic forms. Our purpose is to create works that reflect the social, emotional and physical experiences of our dancers, our audience and our community, and in so doing, reveal the fundamental humanity that connects us all. In our performance and education programs, we encourage freedom, humor and playfulness in the creative process while validating personal risk-taking with both physical and emotional expression. We are unique in that we integrate the individual personalities, life experiences and personal choices of our dancers with the creative process, producing work that brings both meaning and energy to dance. This focus, gives us a clear path to our goal of connection with the audience. We want to give our audience the gifts of experiential resonance, relief from the feelings of isolation and frustration which we all feel from time to time, fresh perspectives on familiar situations, and validation of their right to make choices based on their own true feelings. Our originality lies in creating a human connection through dance.

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