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If you have seen and believe in the type of dance theater we do, please consider donating. We are non-profit 501 C3


Why Donate?


Chaddick Dance Theater, a modern dance company has been based here in Austin since 2007.  CDT is wholly unique in our approach to creating work as we are the only dance company in Austin to combine theater and dance. I seek to create work that includes inner conflicts between oneself and our desired image and our deteriorating ability to connect with and feel empathy towards other people. Drawing from family, work, relationships, spiritual quests, and cultural influences, the heart of the company’s work is the desire to find the human element amidst growing isolation and a loss of individual distinction. I believe it is necessary for people to tell their stories. I see dance as an instrument to teach, impact, question, and inspire through the arts.


Each season, Chaddick Dance Theater presents multiple showcases of our dancers’ talents.  Very few are able to make a living solely through their dance, and I think these artists, all of whom are local Austinites, should be well-compensated for the time, energy, and effort they put into perfecting our annual works for patrons like you. Though Austin is known as a mecca for music and the arts, funds are dwindling each year. Your generous donation will help with dancer salaries, costuming, theater rental fees, rehearsal space, lighting design, and the many other assorted costs associated with producing a high-quality and engaging theatrical experience.


I thank you for considering this opportunity to donate to our organization. If you have any questions regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the project itself, please feel free to contact me at my We are a non-profit 501(c)3 and our ID # is 32-0359439. Donations may be made at our website,, under the donation tab.




Cheryl Chaddick,

Director of Chaddick Dance Theater

Thank you!!

 An investment in the arts is an investment in your community. It makes a statement - that art and dance are a valuable part of our daily lives, and worth supporting. The mission of Chaddick Dance Theater is to create works of art that facilitate the undeniable human connection through dance. 


Your support of any amount is valued and very much appreciated! 
Thank you for supporting Austin local arts.

CDT - Echoes 2019

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