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Cameron Oefinger is a graduate of Texas State University earning a Bachelor of Arts in English, Writing, and Rhetoric Emphasis. He has performed works by Cheryl Chaddick, Bonnie Hossack, Kathy Dunn Hamrick, Meredith Dunham, and Saki Suto. 
He has performed throughout central Texas and Tokyo, Japan. Cameron has been with Chaddick Dance Theater for over 7 years and is currently choreographing for the company.

Katie Mae Hebert is a performer, choreographer and teacher of modern dance. This will be the Austin native's 12th year to dance with Chaddick Dance Theater. During her training with Chaddick, she has learned how to dance her truth, bring sensuality to her performance and approach technique with both rigor and safety for her body.

Katie Mae's passions for travel, culture and dance inspired her to study a variety of dance techniques in Italy, Germany, Bali and Thailand. 

Building this relationship to the body and movement has led Katie Mae to her current endeavor, Cranial Biodynamics, an approach
to wellness that involves listening to the body and opening space to potentially create great transformation.

Katie Mae feels fortunate to have been able to be a part of this project during such a complicated time.

Christine Wong has combined training in modern and contemporary dance, ballet, Shaolin and Chinese martial arts. She has performed with Chaddick Dance Theatre for

 5 non-consecutive seasons, and previously with Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre, Spank Dance, Wicked Cricket Dance Theatre, KDH Dance, the Mexican American Cultural Center, and other independent choreographers.

In collaboration with Jonathan Pascoe, she presented Wallace Shawn's "The Fever" as a full-length movement concert at Austin's The Ritz with a 12-member cast and has

 shown select other original works since then. She is pleased to have had the opportunity to create once again with Chaddick Dance and grateful for all learned in 

Chaddick's always deeply engaging and transformative artistic process. 

Kat Harber is originally from San Jose, California, Katherine Harber has taken part in the performing arts from an early age. From the time she entered high school, she has been involved in the marching arts where she later performed with The Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps and Origins Winterguard where she had the opportunity to travel and perform throughout the country.


Along with teaching dance at various high schools in Central Texas and retiring from the “pageantry arts," she has been dancing with Chaddick Dance Theatre.

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