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Weekly Class

No Classes at this time.
First Street Studio 
2400 E. Cesar Chavez St.,
Suite 202  
Austin TX 78702
Map here

Drop-in : $10 (cash, checks, & Venmo accepted)                           
Credit Card accepted thru Paypal and Venmo
(No refunds)

Designed for students who have some dance experience, though not necessarily in modern, this class offers an uplifting environment where students can take their technique and training to the next level, develop strength and flexibility, and build on the body's natural abilities to encourage experimentation and personal expression.


Ms. Chaddick was a leading dance teacher in San Francisco for over 20 years and has taught at the San Francisco Dance Center and University of California at Berkeley. She was also commissioned for over 7 years as a guest choreographer for the San Francisco Center for the Performing Arts. Ms. Chaddick has established two professional dance companies, including Company Chaddick in San Francisco and Chaddick Dance Theater in Austin, Texas. She is co-founder and owner of First Street Studio, a rehearsal and performance venue and continues to work as a recognized choreographer and master teacher in Austin and around the U.S.​ 

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