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Chaddick Dance Theater presents...

Side Effects of Uncertainty..

This fall Chaddick Dance Theater created ”Side Effects of Uncertainty” a site-specific work filmed at First Street Studio in April of 2021. The piece is a 3-part dance film series that roams through a gambit of emotions and psychological relays we endured over the past year during the global pandemic.


"Side Effects of Uncertainty” is the winding road through a life threatening journey. With imposed city and state-wide shut downs and denied physical contact, much like passengers on a rollercoaster ride, we witnessed estranged human connections and the halted freedom of personal desires. Pain and struggle was unleashed.

We are excited to present our latest project, a dance film!

Please consider making a donation, hope you enjoy the film.

All contributions will go directly towards the making of this project.


For the past 2 years funding for the arts in Austin have been severely impacted, so thank you for watching and your donation.
Chaddick Dance Theater is a nonprofit 501- c 3 organization.

   Side Effects of Uncertainty   

Episode 1 -" The Affront"

Episode 2 - "Inhabitants"

Episode 3- "Hard Water"

Entire 3 Episodes Viewing

Copyright Chaddick Dance Theater, 2021/


This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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