Not knowing what to expect, or what journey was possible in a mere 5 days, I left a changed dancer.

Cheryl has a unique ability to teach individuals, even in a group setting, and she challenged us each individually to reach the potential she saw...


It is rare to find a creative director/teacher who would offer this type of instruction to dancer outside of their direct company. Most of these skills are required "on the job," and no one prepares you for it.


Since the Summer Intensive, I have been more actively pursued as a performer, and I have been chosen at auditions more frequently...


- Kim Holt 2015 Workshop participant



The CDT Summer Workshop 2016 is designed for adult-age dance students and professionals with intermediate-to-advanced dance or movement training.


Workshop classes are built on contemporary dance vocabulary, with original choreography by Cheryl Chaddick. Classes also include studies in contemporary partnering technique, choreography and improvisation, and individual exploration of the personal impulses that motivate our dance.


Over the course of 4 days, workshop students participate in an intense, daily training program designed to stretch their physical conditioning, personal artistry and performance experience in an intimate, small-group setting inside the spacious First Street Studio. The workshop culminates in a public showing at First Street Studio and hosted by CDT.



  • Cheryl Chaddick 


All workshop classes are overseen and led by

Cheryl Chaddick, Artistic Director of Chaddick Dance Theater. Ms. Chaddck was one of the leading contemporary dance teachers in San Franscisco for over twenty years before relocating to Texas in 2007. She has taught previously for the San Francisco Dance Center, the UC Berkeley Dance & Theater Department, and Alonzo King's LINES program, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. For over seven years, she was commissioned as a teacher and choreographer for San Francisco's School of the Arts.


Ms. Chaddick's style, technique and personal training have been strongly influenced by fifteen years of Graham, twelve years of Limon, and ten years in classical ballet. She has danced professionally with Repertory Dance Company

of the Southwest, Eugene Ballet, the Della Davidson Company and Zaccho Dance Theater. Ms Chaddick has performed in works by Anna Sokolow, Bertram Ross,

Jennifer Muller, Della Davidson, Joanna Haigood, Deborah Slater, Lory Wilson,Rhonda Martin, and Aaron Osborn, who was one of Jose Limon's principle soloists.


Ms Chaddick is Artistic Director and founder of Chaddick Dance San Francisco and Chaddick Dance Theater of Austin, Texas. She isco-founder and owner of Austin' First Street Studio.


As a choreographer, Ms. Chaddick is committed to a diverse repertoire that consistently excites audiences with fresh movement and themes that explore our everyday lives. Through her work she invites us to reflect on our commonhumanity and intrinsic connection. Her love for dance and teaching is evident

in all her classes, but especially in the 4-day Summer Workshop setting. 


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There is nothing like [Cheryl's] classes - they are truly a hidden gem in the Austin dance scene...Cheryl spent valuable time mentoring each participant. 

This experience is one that I will cherish and one that influenced me to continue on the journey of dance and performance.

- Makeda 2015 Workshop participant

Photos by Nicole Ryan Photography. 

Dancers: Angela Benz, Cheryl Chaddick