Reviews - Chaddick Dance Theater (Austin)



Choreographer gets her 'Second Wind'

"I want to do ... theater and dance. I want full expression and psychological depth, so I think it helps to have a different cast to evoke different ideas."

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Chaddick Dance Theater

"Chaddick Dance Theater has the right name. It is Austin’s newest dance company, but its dancers and choreographer, Cheryl Chaddick, have a flair for acting."

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Heart Meets Body

"Chaddick's work looks to speak to people outside the modern dance community. [She wants] to be as clear, as truthful, as accessible and real as [she] can make it..."

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Reviews - Company Chaddick (San Francisco)



In Good Company

"Everything about Company Chaddick's current show ... screams of growth - both in resources and artistry."

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At 17, They Dance The Truth

"Chaddick knows how to sprinkle in just enough comedy ... to let her voluptuously phrased movements and skilled use of stage space shine through..."

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In Dance

"If energy were money, Cheryl Chaddick would be at the top of the Fortune 500."

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