The preceding projects were funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin's future. Visit Austin at

“Meetings of the Mind” is an evening-length, site-specific theatrical dance piece that explores the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the search for the next direction on the path of life. Viewed from the platform of mental and intellectual safety, the work depicts the ego’s attempts to let go of its desires and longings on the quest for the heart’s next honest direction.


Our internal voice calls us to re-examine our lives and risk the psychological and emotional upheaval of the unknown in order to learn, change and grow. This voice conflicts with the safety and security of the familiar and known. The seven dancers’ physical energy and exertion depict the emotional rawness in our resistance to change. There is a constant battle between our social identities and role-playing against the pursuit of the elusive goal of true personal inner fulfillment. This work illuminates this struggle between the controlling ego that demands constant validation and the spirit calling us to move forward to find our true selves.


The piece is set on the plaza, mezzanine, and amphitheater of the Austin City Hall on Cesar Chavez Street between Lavaca and Guadalupe. Chairs will be set up in the center of the space such that the audience will be able to see each performance area from different angles. Dancers move and interact through a circus of internal and external obstacles in search of where to go next. Inspired and choreographed in partnership with the unique architectural design of the building, each of the three spaces creates a unique artistic experience.


The athletic dancing and impassioned theatrical gestures lead the audience down a wild carnival-like excursion of physical, emotional and verbal expression as the mind shifts between feelings of desire, playfulness, self-importance, hope, confusion, anger, restlessness, excitement, silliness, apathy and falsehood. This is a choreographic and theatrical experience not to be missed.

The local government may endeavor to use the town hall building to promote and enhance the quality of life of the community. In many cases “town halls” serve not only as buildings for government functions, but also have facilities for various civic and cultural activities. These may include art shows, stage performances, exhibits and festivals. Modern town halls or "civic centres" are often designed with a great variety and flexibility of purpose in mind.


Dark to Light 


Dark to Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project is a full-length contemporary ballet and Holocaust education partnership that promotes the protection of human rights against bigotry and hate through arts, education, and public dialogue. Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project returns to Austin in 2012 from Martin Luther King Jr. day (January 15) through Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day (April 19), with events/initiatives led by more than 30 community partners. 


March 1-3, 2012 at 8pm

Austin Venture Studio Theater


Thursday, March 1: "Insights" with the choreographer & company

Saturday, March 3: Champagne reception following performance


Chaddick Dance Theater present yet another evening of eclectic work. Chaddick and her dancers bring to light the true meaning of art through her captivating and inspirational choreography. Southern Methodist University dancers will also be performing a piece set on them by Cheryl Chaddick earlier this year. The piece is part of a community-wide human rights arts project with Ballet Austin's 2012 Light / The Holocaust and Humanity Project.






Tender Voices in Flight 


An unusual and thought provoking evening of contemporary dance with performances and works from Chaddick Dance Theater members that explores social and psychological issues. Four evocative pieces kick off with choreography and dance by company founder Cheryl Chaddick, an acclaimed artist and Texas native. 


Chaddick's piece “Ask No More” looks at the way society equates a beautiful female body with frailty then defies cultural norms by celebrating all things fleshy and curvaceous. “The Exchange Quotient” presents a fascinating portrait of women’s relationship with anger. At the heart of the company‘s work is the desire to tell stories, so much so that Chaddick often incorporate vocals into her choreography. The performances are dynamic, forceful, energetic and direct, exhibiting a commitment to stylistic exploration while paying homage to classical ballet. The company’s dancers include an array of body types and ages. Guest choreographer Kate Warren will present “Utopia” and guest choreographer Left Feet Collective will present "The films are no longer silent, or smile, even though it’s breaking." 


Austin Venture Studio Theater

501 W. 3rd St.

Austin, TX


Evening Performances

February 17-19, 2011

8:00 pm    Sunday Matinee

February 20, 2011

2:00 pm



A full evening of dance and music with three exciting premiere's by renowned West Coast choreographer Cheryl Chaddick. This evening will include “Three for Violin,” choreographed to three vibrant, luscious violin suites. The uplifting, multi-layered musicality along with a quick-paced tempo makes this piece a perfect showcase for CDT dancers. “The Watchful Sleeping Heart” is inspired by the exodus of the Israelites leaving Egypt and their 40 years of wandering, confusion, and challenges of faith. Cheryl Chaddick and her dancers illustrate their diversity in “I’m Your Lullaby” – a zany look into the idiosyncrasies of those we love and those we merely tolerate. 




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