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October 24, 2010 


I truly love the dance process since everyday you go into the studio and you are not really sure what is going to come through the body, voice or spirit. Often we have set ideas about who we are or how events are going to unfold, only to find a uncovered part of you or an aspect of your personality which has been silently dwelling within. 


Dance is/has the ability to release the parts of ourselves that can not be satisfied by word. When we are dancing it is completely committing to the moment, not intellectually steering every second but instead allowing the body, space and time to join in and say what is truth, without the controls of the ego or the exterior environment. It is risky to dance but is it thrilling. 








August 26 2013


As few days ago while I was in New York, I decided to go and watch  Max Stone's contemporary dance class. He was my first dance partner's in my first professional company once I graduated from college. He was teaching that afternoon at Steps on Broadway on the upper west side on 75th. As I walked up to studio and leaned my head in between the doubled paned glass door, I was so surprised to see so many ages and body types in class dancing with such fervor and pride.


Living in Austin I often don't see as many older dancers taking class and still working on their own special abilities and fine tuning their strengths  they have so arduously developed through out the years. I realized that our American dance culture often sends out the message that once you either hit a certain age you either quite or bring another life onto the earth  and then by some unspoken code relinquish your special unique gifts to nourish someone else's. Thus classes become only those for the youth. 


I find that rather, a interestingly sad concept. Since that very special and unusually gifted part that you came into this world with,that can never really be cut out, taught, willed, or transferred  into another person such as your off spring or grand children will be seen after the age 30.  And so that very incredible particular talent or essence that you exude when you dance and that belong only to you,  that come out through you, in just your own way, suspended out into space, let go and lost forever.


When I sit and teach a class, while watching people dance, I am moved, fascinated by each person's uniqueness, the core of their  spirit, the tempo of their breath partnered with a  sense of will that permeates through their body the whole time the dancer is moving. I have never seen, shall I say, "a copy cat of talent" between mother to daughter or sister to sister in anyway. Now there maybe a quality shared or inherited look between them but each person's gift and essence remains uniquely individualized  as to what  is expressed with their own body. 


I think that personalized deep voice is always there waiting to be heard and looking to find a way to burst out in itself in some way through some type of form of art. When I saw this wide range of ages and body types taking class in New York, I was so excited, I couldn't wait to take the next one even though my body hadn't taken a class in over a year. I must admit I felt it for days later but the voice in me was extremely grateful I did.


I realized once I was home that it is important that we all make sure we take care of that voice we that come into this lifetime with. That whatever it maybe and in any way that feels suitable to us we need to "dance it out". We may need  to search and find other ways and outlets to do this. I think there always be a this waiting sometimes hidden voice inside us just waiting its turn to be seen or heard and have it's chance to dance.


March 13,2015


Jenny and Tara Alperin are launching the new kickstarter campaign for the upcoming performance. Here is a chance to see and support their project! I am very excited for them and they will be perfomring at my space in May!


NunaMaana is throwing their 2nd evening length show in the form of a Coronation Ball. The comedic performance features over the top, 17th century inspired characters as they attend a Coronation Ball for their new king. The show incorporates contemporary, hip hop, jazz and ballet dance as well as artistic sets and period mimicking costumes. In order for the show to be successful, NunaMaana needs some financial help. This is why they have created a Kickstarter crowd funding site that will be open for donations from March 14th-April 14th.…/nunamaana-immersive-dance-the…